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I thought this message at the end of a docket at a cafe we visited last week was quite quirky;

Have an immaculate day!

An immaculate day… as in holy? Like the immaculate conception? As in clean and tidy? As in a day where the dirtiness of life is completely absent? It seems like an odd thing to put on the end of a receipt… if you had smeared your lunch all over your face you would already be doomed.

But more interestingly, it got me thinking about the world of possibilities for docket greetings. I thought "Have a nice day" or "Thank you please come again" were as creative as you could get. How wrong I was.

Imagine being able to express how you actually felt on the end of the docket… here are a few of my suggestions;

"Thanks for helping me pay my kids school fees"

"Piss off and don’t come back you arrogant assholes"

"Do you realise you could have made scrambled eggs at home for a third of the price?"

"Just because I wear an apron and you wear a suit doesn’t mean you are the better person"

"You’ve got egg on your face"

"I’m psychic. I know where you had lunch today."

Maybe those suggestions are a little long.  They probably need to be a bit punchier.

"Thanks for nothing"

"You’re hot. Call me: 0411222333"

"Ave a g8 day m8."

The possibilities are endless.  Any suggestions?  Have an immaculate day people.

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