Have you ever noticed…


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  • That at Summer Bay High, the bell rings, they rustle in their lockers, the bell rings again, and they go back to the exact same classroom.  The closest they get to eating lunch is tossing a token apple in their hands… or taking one sip of a milkshake at the diner, then leaving after fighting with someone. And there is only ever one class, full of students of massively varying ages.
  • That guys on vacuum cleaner and household cleaning commercials always have freaky googly eyes.
  • That Anna Coren is actually a malfunctioning robot.
  • That Natalie Longsurname is always squinting to read the autocue on So You Think You Can Host?
  • how awesome the show Skins is.
  • that you don’t realise just how much crappy tv you can watch in a week without even realising it?

3 Responses to " Have you ever noticed… "

  1. Jacob says:

    Skins is terrific. I got it on DVD and I can’t stop watching it. How much do you love Sid and Cassie?

  2. audrey says:

    Hahaha @ Natalie Longsurname. Best nickname ever.
    Same classroom deal in Neighbours. It is quite simply ridiculous.

  3. Sara says:

    SKINS is amazing! 🙂 I assume you mean the show about angsty teens in Bristol? I can’t believe I (fine, we) have to wait until 2o10 for the next season. Would love to write for that show.