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Before I was forced on to the very low carb diet, I was getting Hello Fresh boxes delivered. I begrudgingly cancelled it because there was usually a rice/pasta/bread based dish more than once a week and my life is sad now and I am not supposed to eat all that.

I meant to write about my general happiness with Hello Fresh earlier on, but never quite got around to it. It is a great service, and I really recommend it for busy people, especially busy singles or couples (might be a bit exxy for families, but it is definitely still cheaper than takeout).

For those who haven’t heard about it, they send you all (with the exception of basic staples i.e. olive oil) of the ingredients and recipes to make either three or five meals a week. Saves you having to be creative and saves you from having to go to the shops. Each meal takes less than half an hour to make. I ordered the box for two people, and always had one serve for dinner and one serve to take to work for lunch.

Vegetarians are catered for, they can choose the veggie box. The one major downside is that there isn’t options available for those on restricted diets (i.e.gluten free, low carb, low calorie, vegan, lactose intolerant and so on). Maybe in the future. You can modify the recipes, but that costs you extra money when you have to buy substitute ingredients, so I decided it wasn’t worth keeping it up. I do miss this service, just like I miss refined carbohydrates. I found that there was usually one standout recipe each week, and the other two recipes were good. I don’t recall any bad meals, only a couple of times I was annoyed when there was a salad in the middle of the freezing Canberra winter.

Anyway, if you want to try Hello Fresh and would like a $30 discount on your first box, use this code: N8DS9D.

Here’s some of the meals I made in my couple of months on it… sorry for the less than amazing photographs, all were taken on my phone only, fast and furious just like my weeknight cooking:








@hellofreshau walnut and rosemary crumbed chicken with wedges and salad. Nom.

Very low carb + sugar diet making me feel awful, this helped.

I was so pumped to see my @hellofreshau box today. No brainpower for cooking.

#hellofresh Cajun chicken with feta and pearl couscous

Last night's #hellofresh was meatballs and mash. If you want to try out @hellofreshau and get a $30 discount, use my code: N8DS9D.



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  1. Xuxi says:

    Wow. Asian food is nice.

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