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Random times a million at a restaurant door: Hello misses! You want special very good food from America?

Me: Saya tidak mau. (I not want)

I have been sick sick sick for the past week.  The kind of sick where your stomach is churning constantly, you haven't managed to keep down any food since Monday and the toilet bowl becomes a close friend.

Readership: No more details please. 

Sorry, I know, it's really gross.  But my stomach is making some sort of a revolt against my decision to move here.

So I haven't been up to much this week except going to work, clutching my stomach and moaning, sleeping and watching crap on tv.

Managed to venture out for bit today to Kemang in South Jakarta (Jakarta Selatan) for a brunch and a wander.  Kemang looks pretty cool, with lots of funky restaurants and cafes.  There's lots of bule living around there.

We went to a place called Koi for brunch which had a really good menu.  Managed to eat a little bit of granola, which was yum.  Then just chilled out with some cool girls, and also checked out a great exhibition at a local gallery (Edwin's Gallery, it was a great space) of Indonesian contemporary printmakers.  Some very cool stuff.

Was also pleased to find a few stores selling an abundance of English language books and magazines.

There was one great work where the print was done on a mirror.  I took the opportunity to snap this self portrait.

Self Portrait

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