Her Majesty the Skywhale


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I have loved Skywhale since I first saw her and her ten pendulous breasts.

But until now, I had never seen her in the flesh! I am feeling a bit off colour at the moment with some sort of minor bug or something, and I went to bed stupidly early last night and hence woke up stupidly early. I decided to go for a walk by the lake. Unbeknownst to me, the Canberra Balloon Spectacular had not yet finished and I was able to see Skywhale in all of her majesty. What a delightful way to start the day.

(If you haven’t heard it, the Ode to Skywhale song is worth a listen…)

Bow down before our breasty ruler, people of Canberra.


Boobpreciation. #skywhale #canberra




She's so happy. #skywhale #nofilter #canberra

IMG_1722 IMG_1728 IMG_1726


Skywhale gathers her comrades. The time is nigh. She will liberate her people and form a new government, where breasts and their owners are given the respect they deserve.

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