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Indonesia’s tally of stupid Australian arrivals rises by yet another (at least I didn’t fly Jetstar to get my hair braided on the beach in Bali though).

I have arrived in Jakarta, all arms, legs and excess baggage intact and with relatively little stress.

I’ve started at my new job, which is somewhat baffling, like it always is starting at a new place, but everyone seems very lovely.  If only I could remember all their names…

I am in awe at the huge array of two minute noodles in the supermarket here.  I am also in awe of the display of relatively normal looking underwear in the hypermart which has the tag line “the power of underwear”.  I should take a picture. What, pray, is the power of underwear?  Maybe I just haven’t been buying the right kind.

It’s Ramadan at the moment so there are also lots of funny displays in the stores tenuously linking products to the Holy Month.

It’s pretty amazing hearing the call to prayer from the local mosques though.

Its also very sticky and hot.  And occasionally very smoky.  Or smoggy.  Not sure what it is exactly.  Something that means the sky is not blue like in Sydney.

Not sure what a lot is, actually.  But that’s the true joy of being overseas.  Being completely and utterly baffled and/or in awe every step of the way.

As soon as that stops, I think you are a local.

Blog might be a bit neglected until I get internets at my new residence, but after that, I promise I will be good!

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  1. brooke says:

    hey, miss ashlee
    glad you arrived safe and well, and with no boogie board lol.
    your mum is doing realllly well, not stressed at all over the fact that both her daughter and husband have disapeared to dubious parts of the planet, and during her wedding anniversary, birthday, and dance at wagga,council elections etc yay.
    i hope you are enjoying it all and have heaps of fun, and remember dont do a bridget jones with the mushrooms, chances are there will not be a hugh grant to save you lol, if however there is a hugh grant ,well go for it girl.
    take care and stay safe, lotsa love from brooke, toni, baylea and chelsea xoxooxooxo
    p.s chelsea gets her insulin pump in 10 days, so she wont have to do 5 insulin needles a day yay, oh and your mother and i would like some power undies please, dunno why, but hell they sound good, might do house work quicker in them, me not your mum duh!!!!!!! love ya