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Yeesh, it’s been a while blog, sorry.

But I’ve been busy!  I finished my Masters!  Yay!  I went to Adelaide to train ahead of my move to Timor Leste.  And I did some other boring stuff like the groceries etc etc.

Something I did today was to go back and read some of the posts I wrote on this blog when I had just moved to Jakarta.  They are pretty funny.  They also reminded me how gobsmacked I was in those early days, how neurotic I was at 23 (umm, yeah cos I’m way less neurotic now), how much I am always pushing myself and how many stomach bugs and colds I had in the first six months there!

It’s a good reminder as I get ready to move to Dili.  Reading them, I remembered how amazing, baffling, exciting and confusing Indonesia was for the first six months or so.  I’m kinda hoping Dili is the same (minus the stomach bugs) — I hope I haven’t been jaded by already spending 21 months in Indonesia. At the moment, I’m feeling excited, but a bit daunted about packing and getting organised. I think it will be very different to my Jakarta existence, that’s for sure.  For a starters, Dili is tiny compared to Jakarta.  It doesn’t have all those blinging shopping malls or swanky hotels. There’s so many other differences too.  Plus there are new languages to learn, a new culture to understand and new adventures to go on.

I really hope I can get decent internet access though, so I can update my blog with photos and writing.

I love you blog.

Anyway, if you have any pointers for my pre-departure Timor research, please share them in the comments.  Links to Timor English bloggers would be great too, I will create a new blogroll on the side!

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