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On my first morning in Timor Leste, I got up early, full of enthusiasm for my first Tetum language classes. However, when I got out of my shipping container room and down to the shower block at the hotel where we are staying, I discovered the water wasn’t working. We had a few blackouts the night before because of a big storm (it is the wet season), so unperturbed, I decided to see if there was another shower block elsewhere with running water.

I climbed up a staircase beside the pool, but having no luck on the bathroom search, I turned back… only to be tripped by a wobbly board on the staircase sending me plunging face-and-boob-first down the stairs.

It was OK… I only got a few bruises, scratches all over my foot and one of my calves, a bleeding knee, two gashes in my ankle, and a dose of humiliation in front of one of the cleaning ladies. I didn’t expect to have to pull out the medical kit in the first 12 hours here… but that’s why you should always be prepared!

But since the fall, everything has been pretty good!  Maybe I needed to literally come crashing to the ground to humble me right from the start of my experience here. I’m just taking language classes at the moment and doing errands/administrative things and meeting some people around town before starting my position, but things seem to be coming together. I can see that while living here will be a challenge, there is also a significant amount of stuff to occupy me socially, recreationally and professionally.

There is also a surprising number of fusion restaurants!  More on that in another post down the track I’m sure….

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  1. Deputy Daryl says:

    Good to see that the blog is back and set in a new location. I hope that many great adventures are had and photo opportunities arise. Congrats on finding accomadation and getting your liscense.