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I’ve been umming and ahhing about going to grad school/getting my masters for ages now, pretty much since I finished my undergrad degree.  It’s always been an idea kicking around, and I’ve always wanted to study something in the field of International Relations/Public Policy/Government/Development Economics.

I’ve suddenly been sparked into action by a few things, namely a friend asking me what my ambition was and me realizing I’d just been floating for the last year, my second realization that I probably only want to stay in the Jak for one more year and I need to have an escape plan, and a coworker sitting the GRE… which is the very obvious first step if one is considering school in the States, and would also be pretty useful in other countries for someone like me who doesn’t have a stellar GPA to back up their application.

All this made me think, hey, what am I waiting around for?  The exam results are valid for five years anyway, so even if I decide I want another year of “floating”, it’s no loss.  And I can make the time now, I live in Jakarta for heavens sake, I haven’t done my own laundry in 12 months, I’m probably freer than ever in some ways, despite the chaos.

So, I’ve enrolled to sit the GRE in a month!  I’m waiting until I get my results from that to look at the actual possibility of me going to grad school overseas (and let’s not even talk about the financials)… but it’s the first step.  And I’m totally acknowledging of the fact that all of this may take more than one attempt, especially the applications process.  But I’m going to try it out.

So it’s going to be lots of maths (or math, since it’s an American exam and all) for the next month for me, and no blogging (except I may allow myself the indulgence of a OMG ONE YEAR IN JAKARTA! post sometime next week, cos my anniversary is approaching).

Wish me luck… and if any Aussies out there happen to read this who have gone to grad school in the States, any tips?

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  1. rima fauzi says:

    Ash, forget about the states. Come to Europe, and by Europe I mean Belgium.
    I paid 1000 euros for one year Master’s degree program.
    Plus books etc, it comes to about 1500 euros.
    If you choose part time, you pay half. (full time is classes for 5 nights a week and the part time is probably 3 times a week but you finish in two years).
    So during the day time you can get a job and study french or dutch.
    Schools in the US are incredibly expensive and so overrated.
    You can check out http://www.vub.ac.be (which is where I went) for more info.