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For a thing I’ve been doing at work, I’ve been spending more time than usual (well… I normally do spend a fair bit of time anyway) checking out op shops/secondhand and vintage stores around Sydney.  Not an entirely unpleasant task by any means.

Vintage shop, Bondi  Necklaces at Mint Condition, Rozelle  Grandma takes a trip, Bondi  Vinnies, Bondi  Grandma takes a trip, Bondi
Vintage shop Bondi  Vintage shop Bondi  Grandma takes a trip, Bondi  Grandma takes a trip, Bondi  Grandma takes a trip, Bondi

Click on the pics for the bigger, rectangular versions.

It has been lots of fun… it’s amazing how much the pricing can vary though, usually depending on the location of the shop.  I saw lots of lovely things, but many of them had a very hefty price tag.

And with all the professional op shoppers out there now searching charity shops for vintage items which they can resell for a higher price in their own store or on eBay, it makes it harder for the rest of us out there who are searching for bargains.

But it’s a clever business idea from those people who realised you can sell your grandmother’s old clothes for a hefty price tag to young cashed-up trendsters.

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