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I'm getting to know the cuisine of Indonesia.  Slowly.  It's not all nasi goreng and mie goreng… so I'm told.

So far my impressions are that it is always either extremely spicy and chili-laden or extremely sweet… there's no middle ground.  It's also quite frequently fried.  Or just cooked in lots of oil.

It nearly always has carbs of some type as well (rice or noodles).

But it's pretty tasty.  I don't think it's very healthy, but yeah.  Not much I can do about that.  Been swimming lots and finally found where the gym is in the apartment block.  There's a sauna too, which is kind of ironic because the whole place is a sauna really with the heat and humidity… anyway.

The food pictured above is from a place called Dabu Dabu in Grand Indonesia Mall… in the Denpasar Jail themed food court.  It's named after a chili dip that they chuck on your plate that when you first eat, is deceptively mild… so you eat more… five minutes later you are gagging for water and feel that you might just die.

It clears out the sinuses though.  And the tear ducts.

At Dabu Dabu, and similar places like it, you pick to have rice and a meat dish and a vegetable dish.  They are all chili flavored.  I'm sure there are further subtleties to the flavor, but chili is the overwhelming taste for the unaccustomed Western palate.

According to the internets, it's Manadonesse cuisine, from North Sulawesi.  And now you know, and so do I.

It's pretty good though.  And there's lots of green on the plate, and green is healthy, yeah?  Just don't look at the oil.

It's good for the Indonesian-impaired cos you just point at what you want and smile and look a bit stupid.

They have a website… in English!

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