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Lately I have become obsessed with the stats page on my Typepad account.

Apparently, on average, 20 unique visitors come to my blog a day!  That might seem really small, but considering I have done nothing to promote it and my mum only visits once every few days and most of my friends have forgotten about it, that means at least 15 randoms, on average, find this blog a day!

Hello random new friends!  Sorry I am so crazy!  Sorry for overusing exclamation marks even more than OK Magazine does in the last two pars!!!!

I’m always quite shocked to find people read my blog.  I mostly just do it so I don’t self combust and so that my mother knows I am alive and doesn’t ring me as often (just joking ma, I love our 4 hour phone conversations…).

The most interesting thing about the stats page though is that you can see how these randoms come to find your blog.

Today alone, these are the google search strands that led people to my little home for ranting and self-indulgence on the internerd.

  • Bi lo Huey’s cooking, 30 may 2008 show (wow, specific.  And I doubt my blog helped them at all, but thanks for visiting!  The answer for your recipe question is probably add more bilo butter.)
  • betty good deal (well, I have always considered myself fair value for money, but not too cheap…)
  • typepad betty loves blogging (wow, I have fans hunting me down especially. How exciting! But not particularly smart ones, considering blogging host + blog name= blog URL)
  • bettylovesblogging (there were two of these… it just shows the magic of google that they found themselves here…)
  • anne coren logies dress (umm, it’s Anna.)

I also today got linked by a fan from the Augie March fan forum (Belinda, are you a member?).  And people came from Flickr, Facebook and Bland Canyon.

Some of the other searches people have done have been pretty funny.  Surprisingly, there are quite a lot searching for stuff on television weatherman Tim Bailey, who I ridiculed quite harshly way back when.

It’s very interesting finding where I have been linked from.  It’s like stalking, only I don’t have to pull twigs out of my hair from hiding in someone’s shrubs and it’s not illegal.  So much more convenient, especially in these cooler months.

3 Responses to " How? Why? "

  1. Heather says:

    Ausculture used to do funny posts all about her google search term referrals…usually they were a lot dirtier than these ones, but involved the same mix of minor Australian tv personalities. (Full disclosure: I first stumbled upon Ausculture when googling Ian “Dicko” Dickson…yes…the sham.)

  2. jess says:

    I’ve been following you ever since your old blog and BoS days.

  3. Belle says:

    Augie March fan stalker was not me! Another notch on the belt!