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My radio was being silly and wouldn’t tune properly. So I got stuck momentarily listening to Kyle and Jackie O the other morning. I know, how did I survive! It was a close brush with death.

Quotes are a rough estimation of what was said (was driving, couldn’t whip out the notepad and take down shorthand).

K: “That Clover Moore, she’s a loony. An absolute fruitcake. She wants to take all the cars out of the city… how will people get here? In other places where they’ve done that, it’s made the city a total white elephant.”
J: “Well, it might be nice to have less cars in the city. The parking here is too expensive though. It needs free parking.”
K: “Yeah, that’s right. Cheaper parking. But if there’s no cars, it will be completely dead. It’s stupid.”
J: “Oh, it might be alright, there’s lots of people that work in the city, they might still be walking around.”
K: “No it won’t. And she wants to knock down a road as well doesn’t she? It’s ridiculous. What road was it?”
J: “I think it’s the one near Circular Quay.”
K: “That’s bloody stupid. Ask the people who have shops in the city, I bet they want the cars to stay.”
J: “I dunno, I don’t think everyone shops in the city very much. I don’t really go in to the city. But maybe if more people caught trains it would be better. I think that’s what she wants people to do.”
K: “Well, the trains are all dirty and you get bashed on the trains, why would you want to go on the train, they’re disgusting. That loony Clover has done nothing to fix the trains, she’s just always got crackpot ideas.”

Clover doesn’t control the trains Kyle. That’s the State Government. ARRRGGGGHHH head explosion!

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