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I wondered why I was suddenly getting all these emails from PR companies wanting me to promote travel products on this blog.

Turns out that the official blog of Queensland has listed me as number three in their post on the ‘41 Australian travel blogs and bloggers to follow in 2013‘. Thanks Queensland, I really appreciate it! It’s always nice to get appreciation for what I’m writing.

But somewhat ironically, they linked to me just as I have returned back to Australia and put the backpack in the cupboard for a while!

I hope the blog is still useful for travellers though. You might want to check out the Indonesia, Bali, Malaysia, Timor-Leste, or USA categories for travel photos and tips.

Also, Travelfish is an excellent resource for SE Asia travellers.

One Response to " I wondered why… "

  1. your blog is so good and the way you are writing is so good, i think that’s why they are asking you to promote their companies.