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A few years back, naming your business after Toys ‘R Us was considered to be a cutting edge marketing move. Pipes ‘R Us, Pups ‘R Us, Colonoscopies ‘R Us. You name it, someone has taken it and stuck ‘R Us after it to try and make it seem like they have thought of an interesting business name.

But a new copycat trend is sweeping through the businesses of Sydney and the world at large.

It seems that if you want to start or rename a business these days, sticking the letter ‘i’ in front of the name of your product or store is a sure fire way to get people thinking you are witty and original. Even though Apple has clearly, and extremely visably, already done that with their entire product range.

At first it was just iPod accessories, like the iTrip. Which kinda made sense. But now all manner of businesses are jumping on the bandwagon and today I saw one of the finest examples around.

Our local pole dancing studio, which has always stuck out with it’s lime green facade, has decided to rebrand. It is now called iPole.

iPole? iPOLE? What’s next, a restaurant called iEat? A laundry called iWash? A hardware shop called iNail? A brothel called iF*&*%$%#$%K? (indescriminate and overly lengthy use of symbols to represent letters to mask a swear word is for the benefit of my mother who sometimes visits here… I think the letters stand for flapjack, or fruitcake or somesuch mother)

What makes people think this is an original and good idea? Why? And whenever the iPod-beater MP3 player is finally conquered (probably by the guy who started facebook or something), it will seem very dated and naff.

But that being said, which do you think is more catchy… iBlog (Apple has probably already branded that anyway), iBitch or Snarky Rants ‘R Us?

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  1. steph says:

    What a cool blog 🙂 I like the iblog idea, but you’re right, you’d probably get your arse sued.