I’m a kid in America (woah)

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I’ve arrived in the states.  I haven’t finished my Albury blogging or even my Indonesia blogging, but here I am in a brand new country!  Whirlwind of wonder!

I spent a couple of days in LA and am now in Washington DC, where I will be living for the next two years or so (a fact that hasn’t really begun to sink in yet!)!  I’ve had a good time so far, despite still being jetlagged etc.  It’s super pretty up here in the northwest part of the city and I like that DC is big, but not offensively large.  I think it will be a really good place to live and study.

I will write proper posts soon with pictures, right now I’m trying to organize housing and stuff.  If you have a room in a house in DC near American University, tell me!

But a few observations so far…

1.  No culture shock.  America’s tourism ads should simply be “USA: As Seen on TV”.  Everything, from going to the 7-11 to walking Santa Monica Beach has the strange feeling of… hmm this feels oddly familiar.  But its also kinda cool 🙂

2.  Mexican food in LA.  OMFG AMAZING.  And in DC, I’m so excited about the range of cuisines available.  Last night I had delicious Burmese food, a cuisine I have never eaten before!

3.  People who hold Fox News-like opinions are real.  They sit next to you when you are waiting for the bus and tell you about the Mexicans invading their towns and stealing their jobs and how its all Obama’s fault and then they propose some pretty extreme measures to solve this problem.  People who don’t have access to proper healthcare are real too… they sit on the bus in LA and tell you and the super friendly bus driver (who didn’t make me pay my bus fare as her welcome gift to America) about how they waited all day at the overcrowded free clinic and only just got in to see a doctor in time and then got told that it was lucky they did, because that problem with their leg that they had ignored for a few days hoping it would just go away by itself because the rent was nearly due could have turned septic pretty quick and given them blood poisoning.

So, as much as America is “as seen on TV”, it’s an interesting show, and I’m pretty enthusiastic about being part of it all for the next few seasons.

3 Responses to " I’m a kid in America (woah) "

  1. Belle says:

    Go Ashy! Stalking you from Colombia. Good luck with settling in xoxo

  2. anita says:

    ah, super cool! *drooling* post pictures, please!!

  3. Fatima says:

    I love that feeling you have when you get to America, that realisation that so many stereotypes about america are true!

    Sounds like your having a great time. Good luck finding housing! I enjoy reading about your adventures 🙂