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(My darling friend Ani at the left at her amazing 25th birthday bash)

Swanky birthday parties in Sydney art galleries complete with drag queens.  Fattoush and hummus and sausages and pies until one’s brain explodes. A whole aisle of cheese in the supermarket.  Hearing my brother and dad talk footy while my mum watches Home and Away on the tele.  Being able to eavesdrop on every conversation on the train.  Lots of people with weird nicknames like “Shazza” “Dazza” and “Wazza”.

I’m not in Indonesia any more.

I’m back home for two months to catch up with my family and friends, do some work for my parents and most of all, get ready for my move to Washington D.C. in August, where I will be attending grad school.

It’s nice to be home.  It has been more than a year since my last visit.

It’s also nice to be invisible and to have clean clothes each day after backpacking for three months.

But I know I will miss Indonesia and I will miss all the adventure… and it has been a bit of an adjustment being back in regional Australia.

Thankfully my family are a little nuts, always providing blog fodder, and thankfully I’m way behind on blog posts from my travels, so I’ll still be posting heaps of Indonesia stuff in coming weeks!!  I’ll probably also be trying to replicate some Indonesian meals in the kitchen with ingredients available in Albury… the other night I cooked a pretty good beef rendang with buncis belacan and lemongrass-scented nasi uduk.


So this blog will be a bit of an Indonesian-Australian hybrid in the next few weeks… and then its on to Washington!

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