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Went to the Inacraft Expo at the Jakarta Convention Center today. It was a brilliant collection of handicrafts (including, of course, truckloads and truckloads of batik) from all over the archipelago… unfortunately, it seemed to draw pretty much half the population of the country to come and look at it as well, so I was trying to peek, purchase and photograph while keeping track of my friend Ella (thank God she has blonde hair or we seriously would have gotten separated and may never have seen each other again), being rammed into the back of my knees by super strollers and pushy ibu and just generally being elbowed, poked and jammed in between the hundreds (possibly thousands) of stands in the exhibition halls.

They had bracelets…




Performance artists clad in silver sparkly body paint with a bank logo printed across their chests and bloodshot eyes from the glitter…


And a sparkly portrait of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono!  Yay!  (Why no Kalla though?)

They also had heaps of wood carvings, furniture, plastic flowers, handbags, jewelry and lost children being sold cheap secondhand because they accidentally let go of their parents' hand somewhere near the Central Java batik stands and now were unlikely to ever find their family again.  Seriously.  It was that busy and crowded.

The show is over for this year now, but it's an annual event.  If you decide to go in 2010, try and go on a weekday if possible, or maybe really early in the morning!!!  There's some great prices on the stuff there, it's just hard to look because of the crowds.

But… I can't tell you what stuff I bought because its a surprise. 😉

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