Inspiring the passerby


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There is a house that I drive past every day on my way to work that has one of those inspirational posters… YES one of THOSE inspirational posters…

On the OUTSIDE of their house. Not hidden away in the back bathroom only used in emergencies. Not shoved under the bed where all the other ill thought out Christmas presents from Auntie Edna go. Not in the hallway next to a bunch of fake flowers and a glass dolphin sculpture in some Kath and Kim style decorating statement.

But on the OUTSIDE of their house. So that every car that drives past can see that they believe in whatever clap happy claptrap positive belief is plastered under the picture of the moon over a glistening lagoon, and so that every walker can feel a dose of bile rise up in their throats as they are encouraged to shoot for the moon… because if you miss, you will only land amongst the stars. Or something.

NO PEOPLE. NO. You will fall back to earth and it will be devastating, humiliating and PAINFUL. And not uplifting at all.

So keep your insincere positivity and passive aggressive suggestions about how one should live their life where it belongs. Inside your heart. Inside your house. Out of my face.

Unless of course, you are being sarcastic… that’s more my style.

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