Is Oz blogging on its death bed?


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(Obvs not here, as I mentioned before, this blog is seeing more action than Dean St on a Thursday night, but that's just cos I have moved somewhere new and excitingly dysfunctional).

I might be being somewhat overdramatic with that headline, but whatever.

So I was checking out some of the blogs on my link list, and you know, lots of them have shut shop in the last few months.  So, I really should remove them from my links, which is kind of sad…

It all started with the tragic departure of Marieke Hardy's Reasons You Will Hate Me from the blogging realm, which was a sad day for the Australian blogging community (using that phrase has just made me a colossal geek, rather than a moderate geek…  Oh dear).  But I guess it would have been harder to find material now that John Howard is out.

Then Much Ado About Sumthin' closed its crass window into the life of one of Australia's most blase  bloggers.  Then Bent my Wookie, one of Australia's most promising up-and-coming smartarses, shut shop.  Culture Strain went in to retirement.  Invader Stu stopped sharing his tales of falling off bicycles in Holland. Scott to be Certain also seems to have vanished from the realm.

While it wasn't technically a blog, the sad passing away of Alan Waddel, who wrote the charming Walk Sydney Streets website, was also a blow to the output of quality Australian internet content.

It looked like Tokyo Girl had pursued non-blogging interests as well, but happily she has returned with her beautiful prose.  And Cablog is still churning out delightful and disturbing tales from a Sydney Taxi.

Unfortunately, Sam in the City or whatever the hell it's called now (Ask Sam or something I think… that vacuous piece of crap on the SMH website that I refuse to link to) is still churning out questions like "should I pretend to be an absolute idiot so that I can get a man?".  It's horrible.

So, I need some new funny/good blogs for my link list, particularly Australian ones so I can keep tabs on the tomfoolery of D-grade Australian "television personalities".  Especially since I have just signed up for NaNoWriMo and will need some procrastination/inspiration when I am sitting in front of this computer trying to write. (Why do I torture myself so?)  Any suggestions?

I'm also thinking of redesigning this blog… I'll stick it on the list of things to do…

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  1. steph says:

    Crass? Blase? I’m flattered. Cheers!!