It’s all about appearances…


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As I sit here wondering if I am swish enough to get entry in to the swish bar at King St Wharf where a work friend is having her farewell drinks before she jets off to Europe, it reminds me so much about how Sydney is all about keeping up appearances.

Even in the student-indie type bars of Newtown and Glebe, a certain look is more appreciated than others.  And in the city, or the east, appearances mean a lot.

There has recently been a surge in complaints in the media about well dressed well-to-do people being denied entry to a venue simply on the whim of a bouncer.  There have also been issues about ethnic profiling by those men and women who so securely guard the doors of Sydney night spots.  I think this is particularly a problem when bouncers see to trying to split up groups of friends (particularly groups who are celebrating an occasion) based on the whims of their door policy.  Not too long ago one of our friends was denied entry because her shoes didn’t have a heel.  To me, that is discriminatory against women who do not want to subject themselves to a night of foot pain or who may have ankle or foot injuries.

In most parts of Europe, they didn’t care anywhere near as much.

It’s all so silly and pretentious.  Get over yourself Sydney.

Today when I was walking about the neighbourhood, I even saw a man on an olive green Vespa who was dressed in various shades of brown and olive to match his vehicle.  Maybe it was a coincidence that his wardrobe coordinated so well, but I doubt it.  Or maybe I am just jealous because I think Vespas are very cool.

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