It’s all in the leaves


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I had my tea leaves read today for a story I was doing for work.

It was really interesting.  There is something about the ritual of tea which is all encompassing (plus I got amazing scones)… and the place we went did a fantastic brew of Earl Grey.

Even though I’m a super skeptic, I found the tea reading really fascinating. The lady was so lovely and some of the stuff she said was really spot on.  She knew nothing about me except that I was a journalist, but from the leaves alone she straight away picked I was a taurus (she pointed out the image of a smiling bull in the cup), academic, that I was thinking about doing a masters degree within the next two years and that I should, because it would take me more in depth in my career.  It also looked like I would be travelling in 6 months, which is exactly when I plan to go.

Apparently, my work is going to lead me to my love, a saggitarius apparently.  The tea leaves couldn’t tell me if he was hot, emotionally developed or financially stable, so here’s hoping.

Even though I know some of this could come from assumption (for example, travel is probably a big ambition of most younguns) when she showed me the pictures in the cup I could see what she was pointing out.

It kind of freaked me out actually.  Because I hate things I can’t explain.

But it made me wonder whether having a reading of any kind automatically predisposes you to following the path outlined.  I all of a sudden had an urge to Google masters in international studies again… maybe hearing the predictions acts as a kind of motivator to pursue things that you were putting off and hence the predictions turn out to be right.

Rather than being a prediction, perhaps they are a motivator?  Or a nudge down a certain path?

I’m still skeptical though.  Until Mr Saggitarius shows up anyway.

2 Responses to " It’s all in the leaves "

  1. zan says:

    i always think that all these stuff are sometimes mere coincidence to what IS going on in your life and what WILL happen in the future and surprisingly some of it may turn out to be true. please don’t turn mr leo or mr libra away just becoz you’re anticipating a mr saggitarius to come your way gal… lol!

  2. Bianca says:

    I like your blog!
    Let me ass you to my blog roll?