I’ve got my baby back.


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Finally have my computer back in my loving arms.  After picking it up once, getting it home and finding it was STILL BROKEN WITH THE SAME PROBLEMS I SENT IT IN WITH.

You can imagine my anger.  I verbally castrated the manager of the repair centre and they quickly fixed it and returned it to me, but it was in there for weeks and the service I had was terrible.  Booooo NextByte Broadway.

It’s a bit sad though because it came back with none of my data on.  So much stuff lost in the ether.  I am slowly trying to make it mine again with pictures and music, but it’s a time consuming process.

Anyway, now I can go back to normal blogging.  Except you have missed all these things that I can’t retrospectively blog… like the time I baked these yummy carrot cupcakes with cream cheese and lime icing and they looked very cute.  Or the time I made choc mint brownies using Lindt mint intense and it was pretty amazing.  Or the time I baked banana bread (which was yesterday) and it was well recieved at a luncheon with my ladies.  Or when we went to Berrima and bought jam, and I thought about making scones to go with the jam, but then decided to have it on toast instead.

It’s cold and the oven is my only heater.  Shuddup.

I have inadvetantly ended up with a new reality/home makeover show on in the background tonight that is like a crazy fusion of Backyard Blitz, whatever the Backyard Blitz type show that did up the inside of houses was called and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy/Woman.

This new show on Channel 9 is called Domestic Blitz and it’s pretty terrible.

The formula it uses has been tried, tested and found to be boring every time.

– sob story about how person getting renovation is AMAZING and WONDERFUL and DESERVES IT SO MUCH (tonight it is a foster mother who seems like a bit of a champ, but I still hate the show).  They also keep bringing this up over and over again after every ad break.
– person is then surprised by a team of people he/she clearly doesn’t recognise (because they are E and F grade Australian television personalities) who tell them that they are about to REDECORATE THEIR HOUSE AND GARDEN WITHOUT TAKING INTO ACCOUNT THEIR TASTE OR PERSONAL PREFERENCES OR LIVING REQUIREMENTS while the person is shipped off on a “holiday”… scarily enough they are sent away with Richard Reid. He would be really intense after a ver short time. Person feigns excitement, but looks fearful.
– chop change cuts between frantic home and garden renovations (complete with helpful tips on how they cut corners to save money on the job) and the person “enjoying” themselves while on their holiday, even though you can see in their eyes they are worried about what kind of mango-coloured banana shack they might be returning to.
– the unveil, where the person walks around surprised, usually with their joyful face concealing thoughts like “that’s really impractical for my lifestyle” or “I’m going to change that as soon as these chumps leave”.

There’s also loads of product placement, bad jokes (like someone clicking their fingers, a jump cut, then the room magically has all its furniture back in) and in this new show, the person retrospectively narrating how they felt at every step of the process, which is pretty much “I was really surprised… It was a really nice surprise… I was shocked… I couldn’t believe it… etc”.  Cutting edge.

Heartwarming.  Almost as warm as the oven.  WHEN IT’S TURNED OFF!

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