Jakarta bombings


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A woman outside the Ritz Carlton bombing site on Sunday.

For those that have been hiding out in caves over the last few days, there were two suicide bombings in Jakarta on Friday morning at the JW Marriott Hotel and the Ritz Carlton in Mega Kuningan.

So far, the death total stands at nine, with more than fifty people wounded.  Three of those killed were Australians.

I wanted to write about this earlier, I wanted to write something substantive, but as I’m sure you could imagine, work was so hectic and I have just finished two long days of editing and writing stories about the bombings.

I guess all that I have to say is that it’s really horrible, I hope those behind it are caught and I hope it doesn’t make people overseas think badly about Indonesia.  And while it is defiitely very sobering, it hasn’t had any impact on my plans to continue living here for a while longer yet.  The people here are overwhelmingly wonderful… a few murderous hardline bastards aren’t ever going to change that.


A woman and child walk past condolence banners at the JW Marriott


Security guarding the bomb site at the Ritz Carlton.  The bomb exploded in the Airlangga Restaurant.


Police outside the Ritz Carlton on Sunday


Some random guy and a journalist chilling on the back of a police truck outside the Marriott.

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