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I went and saw the film Juno this weekend. It’s very cool. Great aesthetic, even better script (lots of great lines) and just generally very likeable. The soundtrack is also excellent (it has Belle and Sebastian on it…) and ranges from twee to Sonic Youth.

The main narrative is about teenage pregnancy, but the way the film looks at the dynamics of relationships is really clever. It’s not just a movie about teenagers, even though the main protagonist is 16, because the adults surrounding Juno are just as interesting.

The film also looks at the ideas we have about what makes a good parent, and the social constructs surrounding the process of pregnancy. Adoptive mothers don’t feel like they can have baby showers, pregnant teenage girls don’t feel that they can go to prom. But it’s not just about the chicks… fatherhood and male responsibility is also an integral part of the plot.

All this, and it isn’t even the slightest bit preachy or pretentious at all.

And the ending is so sweet it made me quite teary.

Go see it, I say.

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