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After our visit to Sunda Kelapa, we decided to take a tour of a local kampung with a guide who persuaded us at the port.  He was a cool guy who had been doing tours of the kampung for 20 years.  He also had a modest house in the kampung, which is called Luar Batang.  It is home to the Pasar Ikan (fish market) and one of the oldest mosques in the city.

The historic fishing kampung used to be where the Javanese lived outside the walls of Dutch Batavia.  It's very run down, and the people live in extreme poverty, but they were so friendly and welcoming and the kids really wanted to be in photographs… we seemed to collect packs of them as we walked along.

I even managed to say some things that made the locals laugh in Indonesian.  Don't know whether I successfully made a joke, or if they were just laughing at my terrible language ability.

Some pics.



It was a real eye-opener, I hadn't really had an up close look at kampung life since arriving in Jakarta.  It constantly amazes me how this city has luxury malls, fancy restaurants and people living in absolute poverty… the divide between haves and have-nots is just so massive.







Bird flu on a bike?


The women and girls in this photo are putting individual stickers into tiny clear plastic bags so they can sell them.  Despite their menial task, they were still smiling and chatting and laughing (at me and my bad Indonesian I think…).

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