Kilometre Zero: Where Indonesia starts (or ends…)


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Another belated Indonesia post.  No, I’m still in Australia, I haven’t gone back.

“From Sabang to Merauke”.  Anyone who knows a bit about Indonesia has heard this… it refers to the westernmost and easternmost points of Indonesia.

Sabang, as I have explained earlier, is an alternate name for Pulau Weh and is also the main city on the island.  However, on the island itself, there is a peninsula, which at the tip, is known as kilometre zero (Km Nol in Indonesian).  The officially recognized starting point of the country.

For me, Km Nol was more of an endpoint.  The next day, I would go back to Banda Aceh.  Then I would fly to Jakarta via Medan, then on to Bali and then home to Australia.  I had spent the day sightseeing around the island with a great group of Argentinian travellers I met at my accommodation.  Km Nol was our last stop for the day.

So what is at the beginning or end of Indonesia, depending which way you are going?

Km Nol chairs

Plastic chairs.  Just like you would see in the waiting rooms of any government office in the country.

Km Nol
There was also a large white tiled structure that somewhat resembled a very clean public toilet.  And some crazy monkeys that chased us.

Inside the bathroom tribute building, there was a plaque. But we knew the plaque wasn’t really on the true kilometre zero, the very start point of Indonesia, because there was land all around us. Fail.

KM Nol

But it still felt somewhat symbolic.  I may not have made it as far as Merauke (Labuanbajo was my most far-flung eastern destination), but I did get to Sabang.  Next time I’m in Indonesia, I’ll have to get to Merauke.

PS.  Do you like the bigger photos?

PPS.  OMG I was so tanned!  It vanished so quickly… 🙁

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