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Yes, I have spent a large part of my weekend "reconnecting" with the kitchen.  You see, for a long time I was living in a house so badly infested with cockroaches (not our fault, crazy landlord and dirty neighbours’ fault) that one didn’t dare to open the oven.  Inside the oven, there was a swarming mass of roaches.  It could not be used. It was absolutely disgusting.

So lately I’m just revelling in the joy of having a completely usable kitchen that does not appear to be killing me slowly with germs.

Last night, I made a really easy lasagne recipe that I would recommend for people wanting something a bit comforting now the winter is settling in.

Lazy Lasagne

(not the greatest photo sorry, there was a complete lack of natural light…)

The recipe is over here at  I changed the recipe quite a bit though to make it healthier and cheaper, and I think it worked out well.  Basically, I used light low salt ham (and less of it… more zucchini instead) and heaps less cheese.  I also used tinned tomato to keep it lazy, considering I made my own bechamel (see below). I probably only used about 3/4 a cup of cheese at the absolute most.  And I used light tasty instead of mozzarella.

If you wanted to take the ham out completely, you could easily make it vego, using perhaps some spinach or pumpkin instead of the ham.

I didn’t use fresh lasagne sheets because they are really expensive and they didn’t have them at Woolies when I went, so I used those "instant" ones you find in the pasta aisle that don’t need precooking, and it worked fine.

I also made the bechamel sauce from scratch instead of buying it (it’s so much yummier and cheaper), using this recipe, and substituting the regular milk for skim.  It was a really easy recipe for bechamel, it turned out perfectly.

It would be nice served with a green salad on the side, or maybe some steamed green beans or peas or something to make it more vegetabley.  It’s a nice light lasagne, and feels a lot less heavy than a traditional mince lasagne, or even a vegetable one that has been overloaded with cheese.  Yummmm… and I have leftovers for tonight!  Woo!

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