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View back to Dili city centre from Areia Branca beach.

The only things I have really managed to take snaps of so far here in Timor have been the beaches. They are so impossibly blue on a bright day, with clear water. Dili stretches along the coast, taking in lush vistas of the ocean framed by grooved mountain ranges, which are sometimes dusted with wet season mists hinting at impending downpours.

There are many restaurants, pubs and cafes along the waters edge, as well as some small stands grilling seafood. Down at Areia Branca you can sit and eat or drink right on the sand, taking a swim while you wait for scrambled eggs or a burger.

Timor is a challenging place to live in many regards, most definitely, but I’m living closer to the beach than I ever have in Australia — I even have to drive along the coast in a bright yellow taxi every morning to get to work, half sleepy on the sea breeze while my ears are assaulted with the questionable music choices of the taxi drivers and long-exhausted air fresheners swing about my head.

It’s easy to see burnt out buildings, crappy infrastructure, potholes, poverty and problems… but thankfully it’s also easy to look out into that deep blue expanse for a quick dose of micro-meditation.

Areia Branca beach Dili

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