Little Pattaya, Dili

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Little Pattaya is quite a Dili institution. Right on the beach in a sea-side shack, it serves delicious Thai and Lebanese food. Sounds like a zany mix, right?  But for those who love both Thai and Lebanese foods, it’s a match made in the kind of strange, quirky heaven that Dili seems so adept at conjuring up.

You learn many things by visiting.  For example, papaya salad goes strangely well with fluffy garlic paste and flatbread.

The meals are really reasonably priced by Dili standards and both the Thai and Lebanese sides of the menu are excellent. The Pad Thai is great. So are the Lebanese dips. Plus, there’s cocktails and fruit shakes/juices too.  And, right on the beach? Perfecto!

It’s on the road heading out to Areia Branca, maybe about 10 minutes from the bridges, on the beach side? (Gosh I wish this city had street names and addresses sometimes!).

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