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I was on the road all day today, heading home for Christmas. Being on the highway for six hours was surprisingly nice. Cranking up the music, screaming lyrics with the windows down without any fear of humiliation was very satisfying. Escaping the concrete barricades of the city was something I have been needing to do for a while.

Plus being on your own in a car for so long gives you time to think.

On the Hume highway

I got thinking about the plight of highway towns, among other things. So many of the towns we used to stop in have now been bypassed, including my very own hometown.

There are only a couple of towns left on the Hume that you actually pass through. Tarcutta is one of those places.

Tarcutta, NSW

There’s not much there except a handful of craft stores, a diner, a truck parking lot and some surprisingly clean public amenities. But I guess if the toilets are the man drawcard for your town you would want to keep them nice.

Tarcutta, NSW

There is also a memorial to truck drivers who have lost their lives.

Truck drivers' memorial, Tarcutta

Holbrook is another town you still pass through on the highway. It’s main thing is that it is heaps far inland, but due to some longwinded story I have heard a million times but can’t remember, it has a submarine stuck in the middle of it.

HMAS Otway, Holbrook

These types of towns make the trip more interesting, but you have to slow down to 50km an hour to drive through them, so they are all being bypassed. Which is a shame, because it also means a lot of businesses get hurt when this happens and the towns die out a bit.

Anyway, I’m home now, and very sleepy.

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