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So, I got on the bus back to Leichhardt today after shopping at Paddy’s Markets (I decided to make wontons… no idea why… and had gone for supplies) and took a seat near the back.  There were these two gorgeous little girls sitting there with a woman and man (presumably mummy and daddy).  They were chatting away.  They had just been to see Rattatouile (can’t spell it, can’t be stuffed to check it) at the cinema.

Awww, I thought.  How sweet.

Then just as we were pulling off, one piped up "hey I learnded a funny song at preschool".

So she sings it.  Awww, I thought.  How sweet.

It went like this (imagine it sung in a high pitched, fast, but relatively monotonous small girl voice);

"Lollipops lollipops

I love lollipops

Lollipops lollipops

I feel sick."

A simple little ditty, slightly nonsensical.  But hey.

They thought it was hilarious.  How funny, I thought.  Kids are so cute.

We went past central station… lollipops lollipops…

Then past UTS… lollipops lollipops…

Past Broadway… past Sydney Uni… past the Annandale… all the way, lollipops lollipops.  On loop.

Not so cute anymore, not so sweet.  Bloody annoying.

People that were smiling at their earlier chatter and first few renditions of lollipops were clawing their fingers in to the red and blue seat upholstery and trying to hide the grimaces on their faces.  Even the sweet elderly lady who looked like she wanted to kidnap them and take them for her own now looked like she wanted to grab the weird red handled thing and smash the emergency glass to escape the lollipops bus.

It felt like even the bus driver started hurrying to get to wherever the lollipops children needed to get to as quickly as possible.

But the parents must have been completely oblivious to how annoying that song was.  You spawned them, you have to listen to the lollipops song.  But couldn’t you have asked them to stop, or change to a different song, for the sake of everyone on the bus?

They kept it up for the whole journey.  When we finally got to my stop, I dashed off the bus… only to find the lollipops family following.  The kids continued to sing the song down the street as well! Nightmare on Norton Street.

The worst part of it all is that it seems like the lollipops song is impossible to get out of your head!  So annoying!!!

Trying to replace it with something else right now.  "You Can’t Stop the Beat" from Hairspray should do.  I went and saw the film last night with a friend and it was so fun and upbeat, I loved it.  Kitsch as hell, but that can be a good thing.  Except if it is a song about lollipops.

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