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A few weeks back I was lucky enough to go to my friend Mel’s wedding to the lovely Martin up the NSW North Coast.  We stayed in Byron Bay, but the wedding was held in the Bexhil Open Air Cathedral, which was stunning, and the reception was at Mel’s parents house in the newly landscaped yard (as in… the bride had bruises on her from doing the landscaping the day before the wedding!).  It was all gorgeous!  It is such a beautiful part of the country up there… an area I hadn’t visited since I was a child.

And what a gorgeous couple as well. (Check out their engagement shoot… the photos are just perfect.)

The wedding was wonderful and so much fun… but it was also super super fun to stay in an apartment in Byron by the beach with my ladies!  We had such a great time hanging out in Byron, drinking mimosas and getting glammed up for the big day.

It was a great escape… a way to recharge the batteries, catch up with friends and celebrate the lovely love of Mel and Martin.

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