Merry Christmas from New Orleans

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I’m currently in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Merry Christmas from the Big Easy.  It’s a really cool town and I will write more about it soon.  But my laptop is currently out of action because the charger was shorted out by the dodgy electricals in the hostel.  Not to mention that my house in DC was robbed while I was on this trip, so my SLR, all my lenses, my radio recorder, an iPod and who knows what else was stolen.  Just don’t be expecting any nice SLR photos on the blog any time soon,  I don’t really have the funds to replace it.  But there’s not much that can be done about it all, so I’m just trying to enjoy this town as best I can.

So Merry Christmas, wherever you are.  I’ll be thinking of you all over my Christmas gumbo, crawfish or po’ boy.

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