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I went on a mini Melbourne trip this week–less than 24 hours. The big reason was to appear on a panel on international volunteering, which I enjoyed participating in. I think it went well. It was kind of a big deal for me to do something like that after being so sick this year, and also having grappled a lot with my confidence and fright-or-flight response and so on since getting ill. I did get a dizzy spell during the panel but managed to act normal and ignore it, and when I looked at my heart rate monitor afterwards it was pretty high… I also got a little bit tongue tied from being tired right at the end, but only very minor things, only noticeable to me. So that was really positive. In the whirlwind trip, I also managed to see two of my friends, eat a great breakfast, and grab some clothes from H&M and Myer (which had a 40% off sale). I now have fatigue-shopping-visits to the Melbourne CBD down to an art– get off tram, go to H&M and the plus size section of Myer, then down to the food court of Emporium to recover (there’s a place there that sells good banh mie). Then back to the tram. My one cafe pit stop was Auction Rooms in North Melbourne, which was close to where I stayed. It was great–a beautiful high-ceilinged rustic space, great coffee and an innovative and delicious food menu.

I had the roast cauliflower, crispy buckwheat & sautéed kale with sago rösti, salsa verde and goats’ cheese & pea frittata. I really enjoyed it. The sago rosti was particularly surprising–really delicious. The dish had this great zingy freshness about it, from mint and salsa verde.


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Today I am really sick though–a fatigue crash. But it isn’t a surprise one and I had factored it in. Feel pretty horrendous and am quite a bit of pain, but at least it is for a decent reason.


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