Someone get this family a manager…


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I went to see the Michael Jackson flick last night “This Is It”.  I was bored!

It was ok.  I had already heard it was just a bunch of rehearsal footage strung together, so I wasn’t expecting anything more really.  I mean, he was an amazingly talented man, and the footage showed he was talented right up until the day he died.

But the most entertaining part were the other cinemagoers.

When you go to the cinema in Jakarta, your seats are allocated like if you go to the actual theatre in Australia.  Somehow, my seat was in the middle of a big family who all arrived together, really hyped up, with bags full of Burger King and spent a good ten minutes trying to work out who was going to sit where.  It was a rather illogical seat allocation, but what ya gonna do?

During the film the wonder family somehow managed the miraculous task of consuming Burger King while singing all the lyrics to the songs, waving their arms in the air and every now and then just randomly screaming out “Love you Michael!”.  They only flicked one french fry on me during this process, so it was a strong showing.

Four of the adult family members also managed to film about 80 percent of the movie on their respective BlackBerry phones.  And they gave every song a STANDING OVATION.  I kid you not.  A STANDING OVATION.  IN A MOVIE THEATRE.  WHILE EATING BURGER KING AND FILMING THE MOVIE ON THEIR PHONES.  And talking loudly about how amazing it was, as well, obviously.  And texting people through the whole film.

It was truly an amazing feat.  It actually made me question Michael’s talents.  What, you can only sing and dance brilliantly at the age of 50 and be a creative genius and talk quietly and throw the word “love” into any of your requests to the stage crew?  THIS WHOLE FAMILY COULD DO THAT WHILE EATING BURGER KING AT THE SAME TIME AND TEXT MESSAGING OTHER PEOPLE TO TELL THEM ABOUT THE MOVIE AND CLAPPING.

Suck on that, MJ.

2 Responses to " Someone get this family a manager… "

  1. Simon p says:

    Top banana Ash me old China plate . Keep up the good work .

  2. Yvonne Scott says:

    That is bloody hilarious 🙂