Mmmmm the food of love!

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Not a great pic.  But in the deli at Carrefour, I spotted these heart shaped, pink doughed, take it home and bake it pizzas, obviously whipped up in celebration of that most icky of Hallmark holidays, Valentine's Day.

How wrong is that?

Is also looks pretty wrong besides the dough… it's got ground beef and very weird looking chunks of cheese on it.

I wanted to buy one to see what colour the dough would be after cooking the pizza, but I don't have an oven.  So no taste test unfortunately.

Maybe this is what we should be selling at Sweethearts Pizza, dad?  I think this almost outdoes the pizza doughnut I road tested a while back.

3 Responses to " Mmmmm the food of love! "

  1. Sophie says:

    Interesting polystyrene to sushi ratio too!
    Those heart pizzas are fantastic. You’ll have to find someone to impress quick (and use their oven)

  2. Ashlee says:

    They love their packaging here. They never skimp on it.

  3. Tilda says:

    I want the pizza doughnut!