Morning dawning


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When I left work at 6am this morning I went up to Monument Hill in Albury to watch the sunrise and take some photos.  It’s very beautiful and peaceful up there, all bushy with the Albury War Memorial (pretty much the only landmark in town) up the top. 

Flowers at dawn

War Memorial, Albury

War Memorial, Albury

I was particularly interested in the way the sun made the poppies on the memorial plaques glow in an ethereal way.

War Memorial, Albury  War memorial Albury 
War memorial, Albury

More photos are here.

2 Responses to " Morning dawning "

  1. travellyn says:

    I particularly like the poppy photos with the sun on them. I like photo’s of nature much better than public art, as a rule. I even like your upside down versions of the Lagoon at Gateway Isle, both red and green versions (autumn and summer) particularly when I stood on my head to view them. Great photos.