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Our family owns a little red Hyundai.

For a while it was mine.  I had it up in Sydney, zipping around to interviews and to take photographs, with my straightened newsreader cut hair in a snappy little outfit.

After a couple of years in an office job where I never had to leave the office, my snappy dressing toned down dramatically… but the car is the one that really let itself go while I was in the tropics.  It was not entirely Mr Hyundai’s fault though I have to say.

When I went to Indonesia, the red Hyundai became my brother’s vehicle of choice. In fact, “when I moved to Indonesia” was the last time the car had been cleaned until I came back from Indonesia.  It was filled with crap, and still jetlagged, I took it and cleaned it out so I could drive it up to Sydney.  Hard yakka.

Five weeks later, my bro has filled it with so much rubbish and crap again that I would be ashamed to take any non-relative passengers in it again.

But tonight, when I was driving up to work, a new level of disgusting was reached.

A chip packet STARTED MOVING.  Something was thrashing around inside it.  THERE WAS A MOUSE IN THE DAMN CAR!!!

I squealed so much, thank god I was only a block or so from work.  It was also fortunate I was at traffic lights when it started moving around, otherwise I may have crashed the car out of shock.

Regular readers may remember how much I hate being in enclosed spaces with rodents.  I was not impressed.

I have no idea how it got in there.  But at least my bro is cleaning the car now.

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