Moved and unpacked.


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I’ve moved back to Canberra. So far it is going pretty nicely and I’m feeling pretty content. I’ve settled back in to work, I’ve made my little rented flat pretty, I’m going for walks every day, even though it is already getting very cold.

It’s a very different life from Jakarta indeed. Pottering around and baking instead of being in the car or on the back of a motorcycle or sipping drinks in fancy bars.

Out of the past five years, I’ve spent just under a third of that time in Australia. I hope maybe I can convince myself to be in one place for a while now, taking a break from my old habit of moving countries in the blink of an eyelid. I signed a lease, so I guess that’s a step towards laying roots.

But there is always so much out there to see, that’s the real trouble. I should probably start just going on holidays to places though, like a normal person on leave from a job for a vacation, instead of moving around.


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