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Me with my new 50D

Me with my new baby that I bought while in Singapore on the weekend.  A Canon 50D with a 50mm f1.4 USM lens.  It's beautiful. 

I'm still getting used to the prime lens.  It makes you have to concentrate more on composition because you don't have the flexibility of zoom.  Also, working with it at 1.4 is hard because the DOF is so shallow that the slightest movement can put thing out of focus.  But I'm trying to get some practise and am sure I will have it mastered soon.  And I still have my trusty Sigma 17-70 for when I want more flexibility (albeit with less sharpness)

The sharpness of the lens at around f4 is amazing, and it picks up colours so well at all apetures.  Also works smashingly in low light:

Chinatown Night Markets, Singapore

Clarke Quay, Singapore

5 Responses to " My new baby "

  1. Brandon says:

    Awesome! I love prime lenses. The more I’ve learned, the more I’ve grown to appreciate the use of a prime over zooms.
    Enjoy the 50D! (nice pics too – esp the river reflections)

  2. Eric says:

    you will appreciate the useful f1.4 in real life. and I have learned for years to enjoy prime lenses. i just hope that dSLR with full-frame sensor will be affordable in near future, so that we all can enjoy the real 50mm without a crop factor 🙂

  3. Trish says:

    Wowza! Those are impressive. Argggh … now I want one!

  4. Ashlee says:

    Brandon- ya, I bought the prime because I wanted sharpness… and a challenge! I think it will give me the push to keep learning and to try new things with composition. Thanks!!
    Eric- Thanks, yeah it would be awesome if a full frame sensor was affordable for those of us who don’t make our living out of snapping. But maybe one day… hopefully not one day really soon though, because I don’t want to regret my purchase!!
    Trish- It’s mostly the lens. The lens wasn’t THAT expensive… :p Though the funny camera shop guy warned me when I bought it. He said “after having this, you won’t settle for cheap lenses ever again. Are you sure you want to take that step? “But now, I want a remote button, like you mentioned today, dammit!

  5. Rob says:

    Great stuff! You’ve mastered your prime so quickly. I’m always leaning back when I use mine as it’s too close on a non full-frame camera.
    That guy in the camera shop is a genius, you’ve been warned!
    Great blog btw