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When I say that I am currently attending my fourth university, it kind of doesn’t sound as impressive as I had hoped.  It sounds a little like I keep getting kicked out for failing (which is totally not true!  I’ve never even come close to failing a class, because I am an epic geek!).  It’s especially weird because I haven’t even finished a postgraduate degree yet!

In case you are now wondering what I’m talking about… I went to the University of Technology, Sydney for my undergrad degree, but as part of that degree I did a semester abroad in London at the Harrow Media and Design campus of the University of Westminster.  Then, as I’ve written about here, I started my Masters degree at American University’s School of International Service in Washington DC, but then decided to move back to Australia to finish it at the ANU because I couldn’t really afford to stay in the US for two years.

It’s been… a learning experience!  But it means that I am somewhat of a university connoisseur and I’m always comparing what was done better or differently elsewhere etc.  It’s probably super annoying.

Here are some photos of my fourth school, the rather attractive Crawford School of Economics and Government at the Australian National University.  Out of the four universities I have been to, I’ve got to say that ANU is the only one that has had a really large, sprawling campus.  My other universities have all been either urban or smaller campuses.  It has also been the only one with a large proliferation of gumtrees…

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