National Botanic Garden


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Everything in Canberra is the “national” something or other. It’s weird, because in many cases, the Sydney or Melbourne non-“national” versions of attractions are bigger… like the zoos, for example.  So I sort of had dismissed the botanic gardens here, thinking it would just be some baby-sized eucalpyt glen or something.  But I went there the other day and it is REALLY fantastic.  It’s amazing how they have somehow managed to replicate a number of the diverse ecosystems found in Australia in Canberra… especially the tropical rainforest gully.  It was minus 6 celsius last night.  That is not tropical. Yet the plants were not dead!  Miracle workers.

Did I mention that it is free? And there are lovely spots for picnics or photo shoots too. The gardens are located on the slopes of Black Mountain in Acton, just behind the ANU.

But the best thing about the gardens? They smell AMAZING. All those eucalypts. Mmmmm.

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  1. Rahul says:

    Hey Betty, Did you drop by at the cafe in the gardens ?
    Also do you click all the amazing pics yourself ? i guess you should seriously consider to be a photographer !