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View from my window at my new home.  Perfect example of how the kampung butt right up against the glitzy skyscrapers everywhere in the city.

Moved this week into a swish kost (kinda like a boarding house… or a hotel haha.  Something in between the two).

I like it, but am still getting used to all the new noises. Ding dings of noodle carts, brrrrrketukketuk of cheap motorcycles and the thud thuds of the washing machine that the maids start early in the morning.  But mostly, the three mosques within the vicinity which are quite a lot louder than at my last place.

But I'm sure it's just a matter of conditioning.

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  1. Hi Ashlee
    I can’t believe it has taken me this long to find out about your blog!!!
    It is wonderful and very interesting.
    Your photos are exceptional, I worked at Kodak for many years and can easily recognise your talent.
    You are in my reader now so I don’t miss out on your updates.