New year.


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I haven’t written on the blog much at all since New Year. It has actually been an incredibly busy month and a half, it has really felt like a whirlwind. Some of it has been good busy, some of it just busy busy.

So what have I done besides work…

I got a haircut because my hair was totes feral. (I always laugh when the hairdressers imply I should come back every 6-8 weeks. Yeah, cos I have $100+ and a couple of hours during the work day to burn every two months for a cut… sure.)


Not even curly fro is making me enthusiastic that it is Monday. So sleeeepy.

Straight (kinda):


I don’t know why I have cynical face in both of those photos. I should do that less. But it is so hard in the current environment. Reading the stories about what is happening on Manus is just shameful, not to mention everything else. And my bus keeps running late. So it’s hard to avoid cynical face under these circumstances.

I have started taking French classes, which is kind of fun but also a bit infuriating at the same time. I’m not exactly a patient little butterfly and I want to learn things quickly!

I am going to the gym a bit more. Next month I am doing the Walk in Her Shoes challenge to raise funds for CARE Australia, so if you would like to sponsor my walk for a good cause, check out my fundraising page.

Also, a project I’m helping out on a bit for survivors of family and sexual violence in PNG got funded, so that was exciting.

I have already failed on most of my new year’s resolutions, particularly the ones about saving money (i.e. my iPhone died and had to be replaced). So it’s good to get that out of the way early in the year.

I can now play two songs on the ukulele (Riptide and Hey Ho), mostly because I learned them while procrastinating on writing.

Other than that, generally things are good. Except I keep accidentally stumbling upon really hateful comments or articles on the internet about fat people or women lately, which is just a bit shit in general and really dents my mood when I’m too tired to get indignant about it.

But I think I need to go on a holiday somewhere this year. It’s been a year since I was last overseas and frankly it feels a bit unnatural to be in Australia for such a long period of time without a break. So now I’m starting to think on that.

So I should probably try to start saving money I guess.

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