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9/11 Exhibit, Newseum

9/11 Exhibit at the Newseum

I love news. I have devoted several years of my life to news. If someone came up to me and said “hi, I have an intravenous drip that will deliver scrolling news stories across the back of your eyeballs for 24 hours a day” I would probably stick out my wrist and scream “hook me up! As long as it isn’t Fox!”

So obviously, a museum of news, otherwise known as the NEWSEUM is totally, utterly “my kind of thing.”

I went to the Newseum yesterday and oh my freaking goodness I loved that place so much. Anyone who ever comes to visit me in DC should fully expect to be dragged to the Newseum, because it is awesome. Bring some money… it is one of the few museums in the capital that isn’t free. But it is worth the admission. I can’t afford to shout you though, I’m a student now.

Let me give some more specific details about why it is just so awesome:

-Photography- there’s a couple of galleries of AMAZING news photography, including a gallery of Pulitzer Prize winners through history (just, wow), and currently there’s a temporary exhibition of the breathtaking sports photography (and we all know I have disdain for sports, so that’s big praise) by Sports Illustrated’s Walter Iooss. Stunning images!

-Tugging at the heart strings- there’s tissues on the benches at the Newseum, because there’s displays that really are quite heart wrenching. One of those is the 9/11 display, which shows front pages from around the world on the tragedy, and the twisted wreck of a television transmission antenna that sat atop one of the twin towers. I found the exhibition of photojournalist William Biggert’s final photos, taken as he went closer and closer to record the disaster that would ultimately take his life, to be really haunting. There’s also a temporary exhibition about covering Hurricane Katrina, telling the stories of the two local newspapers who managed to keep reporting in the toughest of circumstances, even though many of the journalists had suffered the same fate as the victims they were interviewing.

-History- There’s a lot of exhibitions about the history of news and the history of the world as portrayed through the news. This place is like an art museum and a history museum rolled into one. With buttons to push!

-Other edumacations- I learned all about the First Amendment of the US Constitution. And we all know that there are CERTAIN PEOPLE out there who need a bit more knowledge about that little very important document.


-Berlin Wall- One of the largest Berlin Wall exhibits outside of Germany can be seen at the Newseum… it is amazing to see… such a big imposing concrete structure, one side graffitied and the other completely blank. Really says a lot about freedom of expression and the power of communication.

That’s just some of the goodness at the Newseum, as well as lots of other interactive cool stuff. So many exhibits. More details are on their website.

Come visit me, and we can go together!

Oh, and in the toilet, they have tiles on the walls with headline mistakes! Too amazing. There’s also lots of powerful quotes on the walls all around the Newseum.

Let the people know the facts

“Let the people know the facts, and the country will be safe.” – Abraham Lincoln

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