No. You are.


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Being the super courteous little citizen I am, I dashed to the assistance of a lady whose pram had rolled back on her while she was trying to negotiate some stairs at the supermarket.

Other people has just walked past, and she was very thankful for my help.

Little voice inside head: "Wow, lucky you are considerate.  Three other people walked past without helping her.  Lucky you are so nice."
Other little voice inside head (should I get this checked out?): "Thanks, complementary internal monologue.  I really appreciate that positive feedback.  I guess I am kind of nice."

Then five minutes later in the fruit and veg section, I saw a woman with an Australian Defence Force t-shirt on.  Then her phone rang, and her ringtone was the theme song to the TV show JAG.  I gave her evil judgey eyes without even thinking.  But come on, the JAG theme song?  How lame!

Little voice inside head: "No.  Actually miss, you are a bitch."
Other little voice inside head: "Shut up slutface."

One Response to " No. You are. "

  1. audrey says:

    I love those internal debates. Also, HAHAHAHAHAHA!