Oh babi, oh babi.

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THIS IS THE BEST PORK EVER. (Sorry Mum, your Christmas roasts are pretty good too.  But not quite in this league.)

Ubud, Bali

Babi guling, or Balinese suckling pig, from Ibu Oka’s warung just behind Ubud Palace.


For Rp 30,000 you can get the special with a drink.

It’s a mix of crackling, the most tender pork, greens, Balinese sausage, other bits of pig that tasted good but I’m not sure what they were, all coated in Balinese spices served on white rice.  It has a bit of a chili kick to it, but not too much.

Ubud, Bali

Apparently they cook up about four of these babis (babi is the Indonesian word for pig) a day and when they have run out, that’s it.  No pig for you.  So don’t leave it too late, there’s never any pig left by dinnertime. The place is buzzing.  Some regular tables out the front, and out the back, low tables with mats to sit on the floor.  You kick your shoes off in to the bulging pile before plonking down on a mat to share tables with locals and tourists from all over.  The topic of conversation primarily revolves around just HOW AWESOME the babi guling is.  There were a few other Jakarta expats there as well, who, like me, were just relishing being able to eat pork, which is not that readily available in the more Muslim parts of Indonesia.

Ubud, Bali

If you go to Ubud, you have to eat this.  As long as you are not Muslim or vegetarian or vegan.  (Sorry… but there’s other good stuff to eat in Bali too for you guys…)

Did I mention that it is absolutely delicious?

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