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I stupidly turned on the new Channel 9 show “My Kids a Star”. Omigosh, it’s horrible. Tantamount to child abuse really.

It’s like the producers have taken some B grade performers from the Woop Woop Eisteddfod who have particularly neurotic parents, and have then taken their parents delusion as a license to absolutely rip in to these kids who have done nothing wrong but be spawned by nutjobs.

I mean, it’s safe to say that about 75 per cent of parents who shove their kids in dance, singing or drama classes have some delusion that their child is actually talented. If your parents aren’t one eyed and deluded about your talent levels, who the hell will be? They are really your only hope.

But it’s not some phenomenon that needs to be remedied via the medium of reality tv and Danny Bonaduce (!! I know!! WTF!!!).

Most of these kids will move on in a few years, and if they don’t, there are always other reality tv formats to smack them around the ears with a dose of the real world (e.g. Idol, SYTYCD).

This show is pointless and embarrassing and probably will mean half these kids are going to be in therapy one day.

I mean, I was a star of the Albury/Wodonga Eisteddfod, but I realised that perhaps the world wasn’t ready for a portly and not particularly skilled ballerina, so I graciously stood back from the limelight and decided on a retiring career in community journalism.

Seriously, they will get over it.

2 Responses to " Oh dear… "

  1. Julie Betteridge says:

    You are so talented OMG there is still a chance for the bolshoui. Wake up smell the roses you were by far the most talented child on that stage. The day of the plus size ballerina is coming.Why do you think I always took them to the great Australian Ice Creamery for your Birthday Parties.
    I wanted them to rebel against thier nutritionalist mothers.
    If they had eaten and become devoid of talent the world could of been our oyster HA HA HA
    Your deranged stage mother

  2. Ash says:

    Oh dear. It’s the day I always feared… the day my mother figured out how to use the “post comment” feature on my blog. First it was Facebook, now this. Is anything sacrosanct?