Oh, look at the pretty sky


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I have to write a story about myself in Indonesian before my lesson tomorrow.

But that would involve me maintaining concentration for longer than five minutes at a time, a skill that I don't have this week.

Nama saya Ashlee.  Saya orang Australia. 

Oh, I haven't watched the news yet today.

Two hours later.

Saya berkerja di Jakarta. Saya wartawan.  Saya berkerja di surat kabar.

Crap, I need to go and pick up my laundry.

An hour later.

Saya suka jalan-jalan. Saya mau pergi ke Bali dan Lombok.

Hmm, actually, why don't I write a sentence or two on those travel articles I've been trying to do for days now.

Two sentences of travel writing later.

Saya suka makanan Indonesia. Saya suka nasi gudeg dan sate ayam.

Hmm, haven't had lunch.

That, my friends, is as far as the story goes at the moment.  I think I need to write more to utilize my awesomeness at telling the time and talking about pets though.  Feel free to make contributions or corrections.

But basically my concentration is shot this week.


Here's a pretty picture of the sky I took out of my office window the other day. When I was distracted.

Today I was pondering what I was doing with my life when I was supposed to be pondering my job.

So yeah.  It's taken me several attempts to write this blog post.  I started three other posts.  One about how horrible Mumbai was.  Didn't finish it.  One about how it sucks that Jakarta doesn't have a 24-hour hypermarket and how you should join the Facebook group I created to push for one… didn't finish the post.  One about how I have turned from a karaoke hater to a bit of a fan, and I no longer need copious amounts of vodka to belt out my absolutely hideous singing voice.  Got distracted looking up song lyrics.

Going to hit the post button now before I get sidetracked.

2 Responses to " Oh, look at the pretty sky "

  1. Novia says:

    It’s ‘bekerja’, Ashlee. And anyway, have you finally heard from your friend in Mumbai?

  2. Ashlee says:

    Thanks hon… I always spell it wrong (probably say it wrong too!).
    Yeah we heard from him… thankfully he had left Mumbai just before the attacks.